Why do people love SeaSavers Straws?

SeaSavers are handblown with love so each straw is unique. Your straw is truly YOUR straw. They are durable and precious and with the right care they can last a lifetime.  They are functional art, and make your drinks taste better. Carrying your own straw helps avoid germs. Most importantly, our fully sustainable, eco friendly, bpa free straws help you reduce your carbon footprint saving thousands of marine lives each year.

What if it breaks?



We know accidents happen, but we also know that with the right care, your SeaSaver can and will be your forever straw.


1) Select the straw you're replacing

2) Send us a picture of your broken straw

3) Important! 

Email info@seasavers.co with a picture of the broken straw, AND proof of original purchase (just the order number is fine)

What if it breaks? Cont'd

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Replacement guarantee is bound by fair use clause SeaSavers LLC Terms & Conditions. 


*Fair Use Clause: Our staff check that all breakage claims are genuine. We reserve all rights, and may decline claims if excessive, misleading, or improper use is detected.

(Customer pays shipping, must provide photo of breakage and proof of original purchase, subject to Fair Use Clause*). 

How do I clean my straw?

Your personal straw comes with a straw cleaner. Just rinse with hot water and a simple stroke of the brush, using soap at your discretion.

**TIP- at the molecular level the density of borosilicate glass doesn't leave any room for bacteria to live or thrive, so keeping your SeaSaver clean should be no sweat! ✊🏽